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Vineyards of gold, wines of rubies and sapphire skies.

Wine is the noble escort of life. Greek wine is the wise guide of the soul. One sip over the big blue Aegean Sea speaks of freedom. One sip under the starry sky speaks of love. One sip beneath the silver-green olive trees speaks of eternity.

Greek wine is like poetry. Sip by sip it kindles your heart and inspires your mind.

Grand Reserve Travel offers you a poetic journey rich in flavours, colours and aromas. Tours amongst golden vineyards  and local cuisine lessons lead you along ancient wine roads to the deepest experience of wine tasting. Be a bit wealthier, sip by sip.

Peloponnese Tour

The poetry of wines in a glass of history

Take a tour through ancient cities and theatres, and have a taste of all the contemporary delights Peloponnese has to offer: virgin olive oil, freshly cooked dishes and exceptional wines.


Taste the Experience in Peloponnese

Northen Greece Tour

The poetry of northern wines

The cool air of the high mountains and the fresh breeze of the Aegean Sea mix together in a whole new blend, called Macedonia. The land of Alexander the Great has a lot to offer: breathtaking natural beauties, history beyond Time and monastic peace..

Taste the Experience in Macedonia

Santorini Tour

The poetry of Aegean wines

The deep blue waters of the Aegean made a promise, years ago: they will always sparkle like a diamond crown around the island of Santorini, so that everyone can see who the Queen of the seas is.


Taste the Experience in Santorini


Crete Tour

The poetry from the vines’ root

Apart from its valuable history and wine making tradition, Crete is famous for its cuisine. Delicious, nutritious and simple, it combines wild greens, goat or lamb meat, fish and snails and legumes, all finished with excellent extra virgin olive oil and accompanied by the best of wines.

Crete is a land of pride; gastronomically, culturally, historically.

Attica Tour

The poetry of wine, as given by the Gods

Dionysus, the god of wine, chose Attica to introduce winemaking to the Greeks. Maybe that is why many world-famous, top quality wines are produced here.
Aside the vineyard experience, Attica has a lot of cultural sites and breathtaking views to show.
At Cape Sounio you will marvel at the temple of Poseidon and fill yourself with all the vast blue of the Mediterranean.

Taste the Experience in Attica

Floating gently on silky roads

Your wine and gastronomy tour luxury vehicle

Grand Reserve Travel promises you an exciting and comfortable vineyard journey in a new and luxurious 11-seater Mercedes Benz Sprinter minibus.Plush, soft seating shall embrace your high expectations, onboard entertainment systems and effective climate control will make your journey far more interesting and convenient, whilst the panoramic windows with polarized glass will offer you a clear view of the scenery and an added feeling of privacy.


We only had two days on Santorini and where really contiplating howe to spend our time. What great luck we chose to take the wine tour wi...

Freek & Dewi Amsterdam the Netherlands


Greek wine is like poetry. Sip by sip it propitiates your heart and inspires your mind.